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Download the Form Wizard Pro for 8 pounds only via Paypal:
(payment will be made to The Talent Resource Ltd)

If you liked the Standard Form Wizard, why not buy the Pro Version for 8 pounds and give your website's form a profesionnal touch by allowing your visitors to send you file attachments?

What more can the Fom Wizard Pro bring me?

Multiple file attachments - Sending file attachments with an online form is a relatively complex functionality which needs to take into account your Web Server configuration. The Form Wizard Pro takes care of asking you all the relevant questions and checks your Web Server configuration automatically. Receving file attachments becomes a breeze. You can control the authorised file extensions and the maximum file size. You can receive files by e-mail, leave them on your server or both. The Form Wizard Pro adapts to your needs.

Javascript and PHP validation - A Javascript only validation is not generally enough for a secure and professional form, since Javascript can be disabled on the user's browser. When you combine Javascript and PHP, you obtain a comprehensive solution: Javascript sends error messages to the user without any server requests and PHP acts as a safety net when Javascript is disabled or when Javascript cannot perform the necessary server checks.

Technical support - You get free support for installing the Form Wizard Pro and for setting up your form.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online – your financial details are never shared. Paypal remembers everything for you, safeguarding your bank,credit or debit card details. You can use PayPal to pay for items on eBay, or at any of the thousands of retailers that accept PayPal. A the end of the payment, you will be redirected to my site with access to the Form Wizard Pro download.

Form Wizard Pro Key Features:

- Multiple file attachments
- Allows you to include in your form all the existing form elements (from text fields to drop-down lists)
- The first screen checks the minimum server requirements
- Most fields show an intuitive help tool tip with illustrating screen captures
- Allows you to opt for a Javascript or PHP validation or to combine both
- Detects automatically the file upload directory of your server
- Allows you to chose amongs the various upload directories when several are available
- Allows you to specify the upload directory manually
- Your form will be compatible with XHTML 1.0 (Transitional).
- Built-in anti-spam functions without CAPTCHA